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Traveling with an Oxygen Concentrator

Wondering what you need to do before traveling with a portable concentrator?

Air Travel
  • Contact the airline several weeks before your flight.
    The airline may require a letter from your physician, or a prescription.

  • Direct flights are recommended
    This minimizes the number of times you have to carry your POC on and off the airplane.

  • Carry Extra Batteries
    Layovers may increase your total flight time.  Carry at least two batteries on your flight, this gives you a back-up in case something goes wrong with the first one.

    FAA guidelines require that you have enough battery life to power your concentrator for at least 150% of your flight time.

  • Use AC power as much as possible
    While waiting to board or on layover, keep your POC plugged in if possible. Airliners do not usually provide charging facilities while in the air.

  • Use DC power as much as possible
    Many cabs or limos can provide a DC power socket to plug your POC into.  This lets you avoid using the internal battery of your POC.

  • Pulse dosing extends battery life
    If you can use pulse dose while resting, many machines will last longer on battery power.

  • Carry a pulse oximeter
    Different altitude, and activity change your oxygen saturation. So its important to know what your oxygen level is are while traveling.

  • Notify airline employees at check-in
    Many airlines allow people with special needs to board before the rest of the passengers.  This will allow you to store your POC properly without having to move around other passengers.
  • Use DC power as much as possible
    Many units can charge the battery under DC power.

  • Read the manual for your POC about car use
    Some POCs require that you remove the battery from the unit while operating the device in the car. Leaving the battery in the unit can result in a depleted battery upon arrival if you don't do this.

  • Don't leave your POC in your vehicle
    Cars can get well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit inside during the summer. Many POCs can be damaged by intense heat.
Cruise Ship


  • Obtain Travel Documents in case the cruise line requires them
     - A letter from your physician.
     - Medical history.
     - Current oxygen prescription.
  • Phone the cruise line several weeks before your trip
    Inform them you will be traveling with oxygen, and find out any requirements that they may have.

  • Confirm the ship can charge your device
    Verify that facilities are available for AC or DC power charging for your unit.

  • Carry Extra Batteries
    Bring batteries with you in case some problem causes power to not be available. Cruise ships don't supply oxygen except for emergencies.

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