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What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen Therapy is used to treat a common lung condition called (COPD) Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which causes the body to become short of oxygen. Oxygen therapy can also be used for other indications such as treatment of Heart Failure and other cardio-respiratory conditions.  Portable oxygen concentrators and home oxygen concentrators provide you with a small flow of oxygen to return your oxygen levels to normal. The reduction in your shortness of breath allows you to regain control, reduces your anxiety and you can become more confident in your daily activities.

An oxygen concentrator collects oxygen from ambient air to supply an higher oxygen content air supply.  Portable oxygen concentrators can be powered from an electrical outlet or internal battery or external battery pack for operation away from home. Many portable oxygen concentrators can be plugged into the DC outlet of a vehicle, and most of these devices are suitable for ambulatory use.

Most people have a specific oxygen flow rate to use during the day and another flow rate to use during activities or at night. The goal is to provide you with the most appropriate oxygen delivery systems to meet your lifestyle and clinical needs.

Home oxygen concentrators are intended for use only inside the home and are not designed to be mobile. Home oxygen concentrators provide oxygen therapy patients with a reliable, quiet, and durable source of medical grade oxygen in the comfort of their own home. Larger and more powerful than portable oxygen concentrators, home oxygen concentrators are powered from a wall outlet; you have no batteries to charge or replace.

Portable oxygen concentrators produce the equivalent of one to five liters per minute of continuous oxygen flow.  Most use a version of pulse or demand flow to deliver oxygen only when the patient inhales.  Portable oxygen concentrators are a more cost-efficient and safer alternative to tanks of oxygen or smaller pressurised cylinders.  Unlike tanks or cylinders, they don't have to be refilled, which can be inconvenient and awkward.  Medicare and other insurance companies much prefer Oxygen Concentrators to tanks or cylinders, because of the lower cost.


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